Monday, May 12, 2008


The sun came out this weekend so we decided to grab it while we could… Lisa, Sam, George and I disappeared to Worthing for the weekend, bought fish from the stall on the beech and had a barbeque in the evening. We even got to have a paddle in the sea (it was too cold for George to join us).

The traffic jams on the way down heralded the start of the Brighton Festival – which in turn signals the start of the mackerel season – since it’s also the start of the Asparagrus season and the Jersey Royals season, there’s some really good simple food around right now…

George is teething again, and not sleeping well. He’s not settling well at night and it’s very tiring.

Lisa stayed up in Worthing on Sunday night for a meeting on Monday with her bank manager. That left me at home alone – and I thought I’d get a good night’s sleep without fear of interruption by George.

Not so. A car alarm directly outside the window went off every 10 minutes throughout the night.

At 1am I ended up in my dressing gown having a chat with James next door while he tried to call the police.

That, I could have done without.

My actual birthday is on Wednesday. Maybe I should spend it sleeping…

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