Friday, July 18, 2008

Ok – so I’ve given in and bought a wii with my birthday money. If you don’t know what a wii is, it’s the latest in videogame consoles – the games are pretty simple, but you actually have to get up off your backside to play them. To play tennis, you stand in front of the TV, batting the ball back and forth as though you’re playing tennis. The same for bowling, snooker and boxing…

The bit I haven’t yet got is the wii fit – this is a balance board which is supposed to help you exercise by measuring as you step on and off it , lean back and forth or do press ups.

Getting fit is on my to do list and I’m hoping the wii will help…. And of course, it’s fun.

George is crawling
As of today, George has decided he’s not going to sit around anymore – while the health visitor was here (her 9 monthly visit to test his development) and Lisa was telling her he couldn’t crawl yet, he suddenly got up and crawled over to take a look in her bag.

There’s no turning back now – and I think he’s about to become a much bigger handful.

Anyway, he’s also got an insane number of razor sharp teeth now – we discovered the back ones coming through yesterday. I’m expecting another row to appear soon…

Forearmed is half an octopus
I also got a call this week from someone wanting an animation of how to assemble a gun. It’s for a ministry of defence training video. Now, I do think we need an army – even though I disagree with most of the things they’re asked to do right now - and I certainly think that army should be well trained. However, this video isn’t just for training – it’s for sales as well – in other words, it’s an arms dealer and I’ve no idea who their other clients are.

While I’m happy to do work for the British army, I’m not quite so happy about doing an animation that will be used to train random gun buyers all around the globe….

I’ve asked them to send me more info, but if I can’t get more safeguards, I’ll have to turn this one down.

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