Wednesday, February 25, 2009

We spent the weekend doing very little. Lisa’s not up to much – feeling a bit rubbish, so we stayed in. I thought I’d make toad in the hole for Sunday tea, and made the batter before going out for a run.

I was a bit longer than I expected – mainly because a shooting had meant the police closed off some of the roads, and I had to take a detour. When I got back, Lisa told me she’d been helpful and put the batter on the sausages. She’d only realised a few moments later that she’d taken the wrong jug and accidentally covered them in banana smoothie….


George is still making a fuss when he doesn’t get his way, but we’re working on it – generally by ignoring him when he does it. Most of the time, he’s still a joy, though, and he continues to eat just about everything we present him with. He seems to love olives – rather strangely for a 15 month old baby, but still…. At least he doesn’t ask for them to be relaxing on a bed of rocket.

He’s starting to put things together – blocks, puzzles, ideas. He’s piling things up instead of knocking them down and he’s pretending too – feeding his toys with his milk bottle, and making the noises he associates with different animals. He’s using his own words for lions, snakes and elephants – by imitating the sounds they make… very cute.

Yesterday was pancake day – so we had a few people round bringing their own fillings and making pancakes. Actually Nathan made half of them and Sam made the other half so all we had to do was eat them.

We also got a chance to try out our Christmas present from Andrew – a chocolate fountain. Which was a real hit. Unfortunately, it takes a kilo of chocolate just to get it working, so you need to be able to eat a fair bit of chocolate coated fruit to make it worthwhile.

It’s not so easy to clean though, and does tend to coat most of the room and everyone in it in chocolate. Still, you have to make sacrifices.

I read this week that the average person in Switzerland gets through 500g of chocolate a day. That sounds like a hell of a lot… My suspicion is that this is how much is sold per day and that most of it goes to British people on holiday there, staggering back home with suitcases full of the stuff for their relatives….

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