Wednesday, March 5, 2008

George had his injections yesterday and what with that and whatever’s happening with his teeth (no teeth yet, but he’s chewing and dribbling ferociously and waking up in pain most nights) – he’s not being the nicest little boy at the moment.

Lisa had to take him into the spare room last night and he didn’t give her much sleep even then.

He was predictably grizzly today too, so I took him at around 4 and told Lisa to go out and have a coffee. He was fine with me for an hour, but I think that’s because I just gave him lots of attention to distract him. We went on the trampoline. He loves being bounced around, or just lying in the middle while I jump around him.

We got a call from the dietician who didn’t seem to know that we hadn’t had any advice about how much milk to give him… apparently we’ve been giving him too much and he should be having about a third less and toping up on water.

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