Thursday, March 13, 2008

The last few days have been horrendusly busy at work - lots of people suddenly wanting animations for bizzare reasons ranging from a waste disposal conference to a videogame featuring Mexican Wrestlers.. in addition, one of the main magazines I work for has just been told it's closing with no replacement in sight.

On top of that, Raoul just phoned saying he has a meeting with some people at the Natural History Museum tomorrow… one of them is looking to expand their audio-visual side and wants a producer. I don’t want to do this as a job, but maybe I could do it freelance… unfortunately, this means getting a CV or something like it together today.

I haven’t had a CV since 1998….

George has been sleeping so badly over the past few nights that Lisa was at the end of her tether yesterday morning. She eventually decided to take him to a cranial osteopath…

The difference was amazing. He’s now much calmer, sleeping much more easily and longer and being happier in himself. I don’t know what the guy did, but it worked!

Lisa just came back from Somerfield – some mad woman in the shop attacked her. The woman thought the pram was getting in her way and started shouting and swearing – she poked George, and then started hitting Lisa before security arrived and threw her out of the shop.
No damage done, but Lisa was very shaken up.

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