Friday, March 28, 2008

A much better day –

The Flash project that turned out to be very difficult yesterday is solved and out of my way. The newsletter is on the way to being written (although I’ve had to stop mid way because one part of the package didn’t seem to want to install, and I’m having to wait for technical support….)

I’ve decided that if Forbes are going to be difficult about this TV rental nonsense, I’m going to offer to donate the money to charity if they drop their claim – if they refuse then I’m certain they’ll loose far more in lost business when people hear about their behaviour than they gain from pursuing me…

In the end it’s too small an amount for them to take me to court over it – there’s just no justification- likewise, it’s too small an amount for me to concern myself too much with arguing with them over it. I have, after all, plenty of better things to do.

The benefits of adding to my advertising on Google started to appear today. I got contacted by a company from Malta who want me to do some graphics for a TV add for them… sounds interesting and I’ll keep you posted as it develops.

George is really growing now. Over the past week, he’s learned to balance himself sitting up (that happened quite suddenly over the weekend and he’s been getting better at it all week.

He’s been to the osteopath again today and seems sorted out. He’s getting better and better at night (perhaps thanks to Winnie, but I think it’s more to do with us leaving him to cry) and he’s getting really active – he loves splashing in the bath and kicking his legs franticly while lying down.

He was told on Wednesday when Lisa visited the dietician that he now doesn’t need to be on the high-fat formula milk and can go onto normal formula feed. This seems to us to be the end of the final link with his heart problem – he’s now just a healthy, happy little boy.

However, we’ve got so much of the high-fat formula sitting in the hall – a month’s supply of bottles which amounts to a pile of boxes about 4 feet high – probably 5 times his weight! So we’ll probably carry on giving it to him (watered down) until we’ve got rid of it.

He’s getting more and more keen on food too- expanding his repertoire to parsnip, carrot, squash, apple, pear and baby rice just this week – and eating everything he’s given.

Returning home
Sam and Lisa’s Dad returned from America visiting Livia this morning. She’s apparently doing well and so are her parents – but I’m sure we’ll get the full story from Sam who we’re having dinner with this evening.

At least they escaped the debacle of terminal 5 which launched yesterday in the kind of catastrophic failure faced by most epic projects. It’s kind of a stereotyped Doctor Who storyline actually: Doctor Who always teaches us that massive monstrous schemes are always brought down in the end by the failure to take into account the acts of those you consider insignificant.

In this case it was the fact that nobody had told the baggage handlers how to use their brand new machines and nobody had thought to provide parking for the staff on the early shift – so there was nobody there when the terminal opened and planes ended up not leaving at all or leaving with no baggage…

I guess they had a worse day yesterday than I did.

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