Monday, February 18, 2008

Friday night was John’s delayed birthday – postponed from last week because John was ill. Lisa had George out all day with the Antenatal group – looking at some plastic models of crowds of smiley people in the Tate Modern. We met up in the pub at around 5. Luckily everyone got there in time to see us before we had to shoot off around 8:30 – I know – it’s an early night, but we didn’t want George out till all hours since he’d already spent the day in the gallery.

As it was he stayed awake at the pub and when he got home, he didn’t sleep well.

Can’t blame him for that.

Anyway, John and Kathy met George finally and Evelyn even cuddled him – even though she’s not famous for her maternal feelings…

Russ’ mum has been taken into hospital – apparently the new knee she had put in four years ago has cracked – they’re trying to work out what to do about it, but it sounds like it will be straightforward once they do. Russ is worried though.

On Saturday, Suzanne – an old friend of Lisa’s came over for lunch – mainly because she didn’t want to be around when her husband and his dad talked through some issues… Anyway, she hadn’t seen George either and bought a toy dog – who George is delighted with.

We’ve decided to call the dog Richard III – because Suzanne has an obsession with the misunderstood regal dictator. Suzanne’s other obsession is Disney and she goes on holiday there every year (instead of having children). It’s an unusual mix.

In the evening, Sam came over to babysit – we toasted Lucinda and Giancarlo’s new baby and then went out for a meal out on our own.

On Sunday, we took George to a pottery café – where he had a great time imprinting his feet and hands onto cups and saucers which will then be fired and glazed…

In the evening, it was another South London Food club:

This time, the venue was Gareth’s flat – the first time he’s hosted so many people – and the theme was Spanish food.

Spanish food is simple, good to eat and great for sharing as you can pick at any of it in any order.

Recipe: Octopus salad
1 big octopus – they’re really cheap because people seem scared of them.
About a pound of potatoes
Paprika, olive oil and salt.

Boil a pan of water, dunk the octopus (whole) into it, cool it off and then dunk it again (I don’t know why, but all the recipes tell you to do this) – then boil the octopus for about an hour – or until it’s soft enough to cut up.

Drain it and slice it up – use just the tentacles and the bell shaped tube – disguard the eyes and anything else that falls out.

Meanwhile cube and cook the potatoes.

Mix the potatoes and octopus together and pour olive oil over them – add salt and paprika (I also add some lemon juice).

It’s as easy as that – and it tastes absolutely great.

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