Friday, February 15, 2008

Lucinda, Lisa’s sister has had her baby – Livia born late on the 13th (or early on the 14th depending on whether she’s English or American) . They had to take her in to be induced because the baby wasn’t growing, but everything seems to have gone well.

Got a call in the early hours of Yesterday (Thursday) morning. Sounds like she went through the traditional phase of panicing about whether everything was ready for the new arrival.

You get caught by a wave of the same kind of panic you get as the plane takes off on a foreign holiday – wondering what you’ve forgotten and how you’re going to cope without it.

And just as on a holiday, you realise when you touch down that things aren’t nearly as alien as you thought they’d be, that there are all the same shops that you left and as long as you’ve got a credit card with a high limit you’ll cope.

George is sleeping a lot better now he’s got over his cough (almost) although last night was a bit of an exception. He was obviously trying to stay awake to join us for valentine’s evening. Luckily we managed to get him to sleep before dinner.

Lisa made us a lovely Thai style dinner with spicey salad and whole red snapper in ginger and fennel with strawberries for pudding. We thought there’d be a lot of competition for going out on valentine’s day so we’ve booked a restaurant for Saturday night instead and Sam is going to baby sit.

It was (and will be) really good to spend some time with each other as the focus rather than George. You really have to work at doing that – there are so many distractions and it’s so easy to loose touch with each other. Luckily we both realise that and keep reminding each other of it!

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