Friday, February 29, 2008

On Wednesday night we got a baby sitter and went out – only to the restaurant at the end of the road, but it was nice to leave George in capable hands. This baby sitting service is turning out to be really good.

On Thursday, Sam, Phil and I checked out (by which I mean spent the evening drinking at) the venue for our 40th birthday – the Ivy house in Nunhead. It’s a great pub with a strangely gaudy stage in the back room. It sounds like we’re having a masquerade/oscar night theme, a band and a couple of DJs… So get your best frocks at the ready. I’m not sure how it’s all going to fit together, but I’m sure it will – oh, and we’ve sorted the catering – when a local chip shop closes at the end of the night they’re bringing round 50 portions of chips and anything else they’ve got left over. Look out for week old savaloys and pukka pies….

While we were scoping out the joint, there was an experimental Jazz band on… and when I say experimental I mean it was so experimental even the audience couldn’t bear to be in the same room.

I don’t like Jazz at the best of times, but this was appauling. I’m right behind anyone who want’s to do off the wall experimental art, but come on! I thought they were tuning up for the first half hour. Jazz is generally a good tune ruined. This was no tune at all crucified.

Wedding photos

Amazingly our wedding photos have finally arrived. After our wedding photographer saw my complaint about him not giving us our pictures on this blog, he got in contact and eventually sent the pictures… 18 months, late, but we’re glad to have them.

I’m pleased that the blog ha succeeded where trying to email, phone write and visit failed….

Anyway the photos themselves are great – and as I wrote to him – it’s very easy when you’re primarily an artist – to drop the ball on the boring but essential work of making sure all your business affairs are in order. I know, I’ve done it myself. That doesn’t excuse the lack of contact, but at least it’s all sorted out and we’ve got the pictures…. If anyone wants copies – please get in touch!

Got a great piece of spam today – I’ve never seen this one before. Basically it claims to be from the tax office offering me a rebate – and telling me I face prosecution if I don’t give them all my bank details! Great stuff….

But not brilliantly researched. It describes itself as being from the IRS UK – I didn’t know UK tax was collected by the American government (although it seems fair since they control our foreign policy and our economy)….

we're probably going to try George on solid food in the next few weeks. in the meantime, he's coming on very strongly. he's trying to sit up and he's playing quite contentedly with toys - picking things up, pulling things and kicking about quite happily.

He's certainly teething because he's chewing a lot and dribbling almost as much. however, he seems to be sleeping a lot better and not crying as much as he was at the beginning of the week.
We've started keeping him hungry and then feeding him just before bed and doing that last night he slept all the way through until 6am. We'll have to see tonight if that works again!


Prince Harry, it seems has been fighting on the front line in the war on terror (if they're still calling it that) for 10 weeks. the amazing thing is that the press - all of them - have agreed to keep quiet about it.

Thousands of people must have known and they've all kept mum. That's a pretty impressive piece of media control and it's testemant to the royal family that they can still have that amount of power.

It's also completely at odds with what most people think the press are like. Contrary to popular belief, there is some thought put into what gets reported and when and it is possible for journalists to keep their mouths shut about huge pieces of news if they think it's the right thing to do.

They just don't do it very often.

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