Tuesday, February 12, 2008

We went to see a nursery today. When Lisa goes back to work, we’ll need somewhere to take him for a day or possibly two days per week. We weren’t really sure, walking around what to ask, but the Peckham nursery seems like a fun place to be.

It’s bigger than we expected with lots of rooms – each dedicated to a different age group. It’s a purpose built place – not somebody’s house – and seems very well run. There’s an adult for every 3 or 4 children and each age group seems to have activities depending on their needs.

All the staff seem engaged and happy and the children do to – I guess that’s all you can ask for. We’re both happy with the place, but I think we should look at a couple more before we make a decision.

Afterwards I had to go to the dentist. My dentist isn’t sadistic, but I’m always a bit nervous going to her because the first time I went she had to do a filling. She gave me an injection, but it didn’t work. As soon as she hit the nerve it started to hurt…

She then gave me two more injections which paralysed one side of my face and made me look like a stroke victim.

Unfortunately this had no effect on the pain – and because she’d already started drilling there was no way she could stop. She had to do the filling effectively with no anaesthetic.

Lisa went to the same clinic but saw a different dentist. She had to have treatment too, but she got an anaesthetic and got to watch Friends on a high-tech set of video screen glasses.

I think I got the short straw.

Anyway, for some reason I haven’t asked to be swapped to the other dentist, but this time it was just a cleaning job – so no anaesthetic needed (apparently).

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