Tuesday, January 1, 2008

3.7kg - george's weight today

3.7kg - george's weight today

Lisa went to the Doctor's yesterday and George was tested for eyesight, hearing, reactions, and various other things we already knew were pretty good just from living with him. The doctor has confirmed what we thought - that even though the surgery had written to us saying he needed his inoculations - this was wrong and that actually it would be better to wait until he'd recovered from the operation.

Another thing we'd had to work out for ourselves - if we'd followed the letter's advice and had the vaccinations, the operation could well have been cancelled.

Still, it's good news about the weight. He's well on target for the operation and very strong according to the Doctor (sorry - doctor - no capital - it's a profession, not a proper name - he's a doctor, not The Doctor).

New year
We celebrated New Year's Eve (capitals are right here, I think even though there's a new year every year...) - just the two of us dressing for dinner (me in a dinner suit, Lisa in a long dress) and eating at the table. It was lovely, after the hecticity of Christmas (ok - I made up the word hecticity - but I'm sure it should be a word).

Even though we ate at 10pm, we nearly fell asleep before new year - George is tiring, and so is Christmas. In the event, we stayed awake and watched the fireworks over London from the new loft room.

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