Wednesday, January 30, 2008

look who's gurgling

George is gurging quite merily now. In the last few days he's really found his hands and know how to grab and grip and he's started to make lots more noise. He's perfectly happy to carry on a conversation in long burbling gurgles - answering when you talk to him, and patiently waiting for you to respond after he's spoken.

Me: "hello george"
george "eeeeeee"
me "hello george"
george " eeeooo"
me "hello george"
george " eeeooorr"
me "hello george"
george " eeellooorr"
me "David hastlehoff"
george " eeeeerrr?"

He obviously knows there's such a thing as a conversation, and has worked out that you need to use a selection of different noises to have one. However, he's not yet realised that there's a set syntax to the whole thing and that you need to string sounds together in a formal way.

He's a bit like John Prescott in that respect.

He had his last MRSA wash a couple of days ago - and it looks like his medication is slowly being wound down. We're just waiting for the final MRSA swab to come back, but we're expecting it to be negative, and that'll be the end of another part of his treatment.

Lisa took him to see her work collegues today and he came back very happy and cheerful.

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