Thursday, January 17, 2008


George woke at 2am on Tuesday night and 4am last night. Not a problem – he’s only just back from the hospital and given that we put him to bed at 8 both nights, he’s doing well settling in. Fractured nights sleep leads to fractured dreams – trying to answer a crossword while knowing that since it was a dream, the clue couldn’t have been real – and for some reason, hunting swans for food in a privet-hedge-maze…. Not sure what’s going on there.. at least heart surgery doesn’t feature anymore!

He still can’t seem to believe that his world has changed so much in the last week – Obviously his heart was affecting him far more than we thought because now he just can’t stop smiling (except when he’s crying). He’s even more alert – if that was possible – although there are times when he’ll suddenly cry out for no reason. I think there’s still some pain from his cut, or the drains that they had to put into his chest and groin.

Lisa is determined that George is going to become an Olympic swimmer (he certainly has the feet for it). Every time she baths him, she pushes him up to the edge of the bath and waits for him to kick his legs out, and then pulling him back through the water.

He’s going to grow up with a deeply embedded memory of the joys of swimming even before he learns to do it.

I shouldn’t be surprised – Lisa was in her school swimming team, and by the sounds of it she was the only member of the team not to end up as an Olympic or Commonwealth swimmer! At least two other members of her team did…

I think 2012 will be a bit early though as he’ll only be five.

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