Friday, January 25, 2008

George was three months old yesterday - and he's just reached a big milestone. He's for the first time become a "normal" baby. In other words his weight (at 4.3kg) is now just in the bottom range that's considered acceptible for a child of his age.

It's good news, and we celebrated by painting his hands and feet green.

actually we've been meaning to do this for a while - get his footprints and handprints for an album and for families. It was - as everything involving George is - a messy process involving our getting paint in an unimaginable number of places. Still George didn't seem to mind (although he didn't sleep well afterwards).

Gillian came round for tea (she was EARLY!) and we drank apple juice all night and ate re-fried beans I'm trying to cut down on wine during the week and Lisa's trying to cut down on high-fat food. Both are going out the window tonight - it's burns night and we're celebrating with haggis ,neeps and taties and whiskey.....

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Jon said...

G was early?! Did you check it wasn't an imposter? The only other explanation is that she wasn't early, she was in fact late for her last visit.