Sunday, January 13, 2008

sat 12th

sat 12th

A bit of a sleepy day for George. He's subdued and quiet. still no smiles even though he's now off all the wires and pipes. he's taking almost the same food as before the operation, but it's a slow process.

We pick up a copy of the Guardian and there's a full page article about the Natural History Museum. in a massive coincidence the article happens to be written by the Trilobite scientist I talked about yesterday. How do these coincidences happen?

It's Nick's house warming party and I decide to go along for a couple of hours. It's great to escape for a while - even if Lisa can't. I keep asking people if they're librarians. Nick and Sam are, so it's as good a place as any to start a conversation - although it comes out sounding like an insult for some reason. I meet one woman who's studying what she calls "the green wave".

Apparently traffic lights are set in some parts of London are set so that if the average speed of traffic is below 30 mph then all the traffic lights go green in front of the cars. If the speed exceeds 30 they start going red to slow everything down. This is supposed to stop congestion. She's looking into it because apparently there are health benefits in terms of less road casualties and less polution - but I had no idea politicians actually took notice of public health issues when programming traffic lights.

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