Wednesday, June 4, 2008

George and the Dulwich wives

Yesterday was my day with George and a packed day it was… his 2nd day settling in to nursery basically involved me taking him over there, then sitting in the staff room for a couple of hours chatting to the mother of another new intake while George played happily barely even noticing my absence.

I think these inductions are mainly for the parents’ benefit. After about an hour one of the minders came up and asked if we wanted to check on the children. We looked through the window, but didn’t go in. both were enjoying themselves and didn’t need us poking our noses in…

At midday I collected George and took him home. He’d fallen asleep before I got back, which was good because due to an American client on a ridiculous deadline (I’ve no idea when the employees of this company sleep as they seem to be able to contact me any time from 7am to 1:30am, and don’t see any problem with doing so) – I had lots of minor, but fiddly changes to make to a video animation that needed to be done by 6pm.

There was just time to do some of the work, and get George fed before I had to take him out to another baby event! This time it was a swimming class in London Bridge (called little floaters – or something like that). Anyway, this was a class in the hydrotherapy pool at Guy’s hospital.

Another chance to chat to the South London New Mothers… This time I was met at East Dulwich station by one who recognised George (not me, of course) and deduced that I was Lisa’s husband.

Having a baby means you can’t move in Lordship Lane without bumping into someone you know through your baby. Putting names to faces is tough (in fact you end up remembering the baby’s name rather than the mother’s because it’s the baby you end up talking about).

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