Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Underwater George

George is still recovering from his cough (and I’m still getting over mine). He’s not eating properly – which is unusual for him. He’s either refusing food (he’s learned to shake his head and I wonder whether the universal sign for “no” actually evolved from a reflex to stop yourself being fed something you don’t want) or he’s eating and then throwing up. And this is not just normal baby puking which happens all the time – it’s full on everything in the tummy coming up!

Anyway, he seems to be improving, so I took him to his swimming class yesterday. We had to dunk the babies underwater – which a lot of the mums were a bit nervous of. George spluttered and cried a bit the first time, but soon got over it and enjoyed his swimming lesson.

Having sold her flat in Chiswick just before George was born to Nina and Jahad – a couple who had split up years previously, but who were both still buying the flat together, Lisa got a call a couple of weeks back from Nina.

Nina was the primary reason Lisa sold the flat – Nina had been doing her utmost to make trouble for years: illegally doing work on the flat’s shared wall without getting permission, laying a patio with paving slabs Lisa had bought, complaining about Lisa’s tenant…. All stuff designed to make her sell – to the point that I eventually had to phone her myself and tell her to stop behaving like a spoilt child.

Anyway, when you have two flats owned separately, you need to have a management company to run the freehold – and Lisa, surprisingly enough always looked after the company, so it was no surprise when after she sold the flat, Nina came back to her a couple of months later wondering why Companies House had fined her for not putting her books in order.

Lisa forwarded the details and explained what she had to do.

Fair enough.

Then, this weekend, the other part of the buying pair, Jahad called.

Apparently Nina had told him that Lisa hadn’t exchanged on the flat. Nina had simply taken Jahad’s £175,000, bought the flat and run off with it.

This happened just after he told her he was getting engaged, so you can draw your own conclusions.

It looks like Lisa may have to give evidence…

Absolutely outrageous behaviour – Nina can’t possibly thing she’ll get away with it!

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