Friday, June 6, 2008

Last night, after George’s first full day at nursery, we left him with a babysitter and went out with Raoul – he’d booked what appears to be the only Swis restaurant in London and we had Fondue. The first time I’d ever tried it.

Eating a Fondue is a lot more complex than it would first appear. Apparently a bit like tightrope walking. You have to be sure to eat and drink the right things in the right measure to avoid the fondue turning into a solid ball in your stomach. The right thing to drink is a kind of peach schnapps – although, it tasted like pure alchohol to me – if you don’t drink enough of it, the cheese in your stomach will coagulate. If you drink too much, it will make you sick.

Surprisingly this dish – effectively cheese on toast in another form (with potatoes as a quite unnecessary side dish) is actually quite nice – although I was aware of a vague longing for something green.

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