Wednesday, June 11, 2008

mum and George

My mum’s hip came out of it’s socket again on Saturday and now she’s in hospital. This is the second time it’s happened and nobody seems to know why.

it's possible Mum is just not being as careful as she should with it. It's hard to tell as she'll tell me it's all OK and that she's doing everything right whether she is or not.

Anyway, it's been put back in place and she's hoping to be out of hospital this week. but she'll have to wear a leg brace for six weeks.

Hopefully they'll give her excercises and send an occupational therapist to tell her what needs changing in her house. Of course, Lisa could (and does) tell her that she needs a different toilet seat, handles and a shower in the bathroom, a different chair, and an eye level oven in the kitchen. but Mum and Dad have just changed the kitchen and bathroom and won't change it again unless they have a very good reason.

I think Mum's hip coming out of joint IS a very good reason, but what do I know?

George isn’t well either. He’s coughing and being sick… pretty much the same stuff babies do all the time, but he’s doing it a bit more than usual, and a bit more messily. I had to cancel his swimming lesson yesterday, and Lisa was up for 3 hours in the night with him, so it’s probably time to take him to the doctor’s.

Of course, the doctor will almost certainly advise calpol – which seems to be the only thing you can give children. (probably because it doesn’t actually do anything).

As for me, I'm getting over my illness of the weekend, and I'm back into the thick of work.

Lisa got the news today that her offer of £160,000 on the house we went to see in Worthing has been accepted. The offer was refused to start with, and for the last week, various estate agents from the firm representing the old lady who owns the house have been phoning several times a day falling over themselves trying to get us to up the offer.

None of the estate agents seemed to have any idea what the others had said to us.

I guess that's no surprise. The news yesterday said that things have got so bad in the housing market that estate agents are on average making just one sale a week! no surprise then that the first thing the agents do when there's an offer on the table is to start trying to steal the sale from each other - fighting over who gets to close the deal.

Come to think of it, Estate agents are supposed by law to act in the best interest of the vendor. I wonder how many of them do so when the vendor's best interest would be served by not selling.

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