Monday, June 23, 2008

George is really moving on…. the last week has seen him work out how to clap and how to control his tongue (mainly to prevent us from cleaning his teeth).

But he’s most impressive this week in his moving around. He’s got a kind of davros-style wizzy chair with casters on the bottom which we put him in when we’re in the kitchen. It’s a flying saucer complete with the compulsory noise making buttons. And up to now he’s just sat in it, pressing the buttons (and occassionaly falling asleep with his head on the buttons despite the noise). Anyway, this week, he suddenly figured out how to move the thing around by running along the floor. He’s now whizzing up and down the kitchen.

He’s also suddenly got the strength in his legs to allow him to stay standing up –he still has to hold onto something to balance, but he can now stay upright as long as he likes.

In addition to that, on Sunday, at Lisa’s parents’ he started pulling himself up on the coffee table so he could stand on his own.

All of which is a bit odd because he still shows absolutely no interest in rolling over or crawling. I think he’s decided that none of the adults get about by crawling, so why should he?

Typical English Pooh Farmers
I sometimes wonder what he thinks we’re all about –we expect him to learn our language and yet we make very little attempt to learn his (typical English)… and from his point of view it must be quite obvious that we keep him around primarily to harvest his pooh and wee which as soon as it appears we promptly take away for our own as yet unknown purposes.

The East Dulwich Posh Pram Brigade
The other day, two women passed Lisa in the street pushing their own prams one remarked to the other quite audibly what a shame it was when people couldn’t afford to buy a new pram for their baby.

Bizarre behaviour – I guess some people just have nothing in their lives.

Lisa didn’t react, but the woman behind her (also pushing a pram – this is East Dulwich after all) had a real go at them.

We went to Worthing this weekend and had a nice time – even meeting up with Suzanne and Richard in a pub on the way home– except that when we got back, we were both violently sick. For me, it had been building all weekend, but Lisa suddenly got hit by it on Sunday night. Still trying to work out the cause. Lisa got over it pretty quickly, but I didn’t sleep at all last night, so today’s work has felt painfully slow. I really need to go to bed, but if I do, I won’t sleep tonight either!

PS I just got a call from Lisa. It looks like George has got it too - he's just thrown up in the park and they're on their way to the doctor. it looks like this is a bug. Sam's not feeling too great and Lisa's mum's gone down with it too. pretty miserable all round!

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