Wednesday, November 14, 2007

George woke us up, crying at 3:30 – he sometimes has a feed at this time, but last night, he refused to go back to sleep. I took him into the spare room so that Lisa could get back to sleep.

George fell asleep quite quickly lying on top of me. I put him beside me and slept a little. When I woke, he was lying next to me, on his front – two things very much against the new baby rulebook… you should never sleep with a baby in your bed and never let him lie on his front.

But then, you can’t do everything all the time…

I really feel a connection to george – almost as though he has a kind of relationship with me already – even though I don’t think at under 3 weeks old, he even has an understanding that there are other people in the world (or even for that matter that he himself is a separate being).

He’s beginning to look actually at things – including people, and although there’s not much of the flicking eye movements that we all use to judge the world, there’s definitely a hint there that something’s going on inside his mind…

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