Friday, November 23, 2007

Went out with Raoul last night. It was a good night – and we ate at the best Belgian restaurant I’ve been to (somewhere near South Ken, though I got kind of lost, so I’m not sure where.) the mussels were great.

The life of a scientist is a difficult one. Most scientists I know get paid poorly, recognized infrequently and spend a lot of time away from their families. However, it’s good to hear from someone who consciously puts a passion for their work ahead of money and encourages young people to do the same.

It struck me that there’s a Victorian notion that financial independence gives you the freedom to explore your cultural/philanthropic/intellectual side and that the pursuit of money isn’t the important thing – it’s that exploration that’s central. Nowadays most of us – even though we rarely see it – have that freedom - we’re not struggling just to be fed and clothed. But society has come to see money as the end, whereas we should be fostering the older view – that it’s the exploration that’s the end and that money isn’t a strong enough goal on its own.

Lisa and George get back from Worthing today.

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