Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Well, this is my 2nd day back at work after what I'm refusing to call paternity leave. My first child, George Francis Darkin was born on 24th Oct. More on that later I'm sure...

is it just me, or do other people start worrying about whether their email is working when they don't get an offer of a penis extension or a notification of winning the lottery every five minutes?

I should probably start by letting you know a couple of the projects I'm working on...

I've got several articles to write for magazines about video making, illustration and general computer creative stuff. I've also just been asked by the Guardian to do a tutorial on the new Premiere Elements and the software arrived in the post this morning... it looks pretty and seems to be a bit easier to use than the previous version. I hope they haven't cut it down too much.

I'm also a 3d illustrator and I'm just starting work on a Poster of human anatomy for gbeye (http://www.gbeye.com/) I've looked at the vast majority of anatomy posters and they look pretty plain, so I'm going for a pop-art look in the hope of bringing some colour to the thing. it looks pretty good so far...

Aside from that, I've decided to make another 50 minute documentary. Probably that's the main reason for this blog - I've just finished my first - a natural history documentary on the evolution of sharks (http://www.electricsky.com/catalogue_detail.aspx?program=1694). produced for virtually no money (about 1,000 pounds) and including lots of 3d animation as well as interviews and stock footage.... lots of fun and a big learning curve.

it's (more or less) out there and done now and I'm hoping that the distributors who have taken it on will be able to sell it to some TV companies.... I'll let you know if they do.

anyway - this new documentary is going to be about another mainstream, down-to-earth subject - Travel to other stars. there's an outline at www.darkin.demon.co.uk/gliese
and I hope to bring you more about it as it develops

Anyway, the deadlines are pretty easy right now on all my projects, so i thought I'd start a blog... let's see where it goes

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Russ Greenwood said...

Got the hang of this now - hi Christian. Your blog is beautifully articulate, thoughtful, moving anfd very real.
I'm a tad biased as you're one of my best friends, which makes me very glad and proud. Love you, Lisa and George.