Thursday, November 29, 2007

wedding photos - at last -

Got sent a great picture today. this was apparently sold in a supermarket until someone noticed:

George is looking better. Over the last couple of days he seems to have put on weight – although he’s been crying all day today – and I hope he stops because we’re leaving him with Sam tonight while the two of us go out on a date! - our first since the baby was born.
This is him finally settling this afternoon:

George seems at his happiest in the morning just after he’s been fed and at night when he has his bath.

Wedding photos- finaly

Since our wedding photographer disappeared to South Africa without giving us our photos (as of 21/4/08 we've now got the photos - so I've edited this entry to remove his name - his photography was very good, and I've no wish to damage his reputation - I think it was an honest mistake) - we’ve had to put together some photos from our friends and family’s cameras to replace our missing official photos.

It’s now over a year since the wedding and we’ve finally got round to getting a set printed up for our album and for putting around the house. Here are a few:

We also got some shots of George done and some from my stag night – which I’ll put up tomorrow!

Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman

I was out shooting video for the documentary on tuesday and there was a premiere on in London for "the golden compass" I hung around and got some video clips I can hopefully sell as stock footage. among the celebs were Nicole Kidman (looking stunning), Daniel Craig and Hugh grant -as well as several finalists from the X-factor - none of whom I recognised.

you can see the clip on my other blog:


Russ Greenwood said...

Happy to help you out on the X factor contestants - Sean and Sarah (Same Difference), Leon, Niki, Rhydian and those girls from Hope, thankfully now gone. Rhydian and Same Difference to win. I'm your open door into the world of celebrity :-)

Russ Greenwood said...

oh great you've got a wedding album at last. Mr Weir is definately the weakest link. I know my mum would like to see a photo of me with a top hat - oooh its all me me me :-).