Friday, November 16, 2007

Last night, George was grouchy all night. Got just a couple of hours of sleep. He was resless during the day apparently too, although I was out filming. I wonder whether this is a trend (he’s been doing it for 3 days straight now). I thought we had a good sleeper… It may just have been that I couldn’t take him to the spare room because Lisa’s parents were staying.

Anyway, now’s probably not the time to re-examine our techniques. When you’re tired is the worst time to start arguing with yourself.

Here he is this morning:

supposed to have registered his birth this morning in Brixton, but we missed our appointment and now have been told we can do it in Peckam (much easier – why weren’t we told this before?).

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Russ Greenwood said...

Got the hang of this now - hi Christian. Your blog is beautifully articulate, thoughtful, moving and very real.
I'm a tad biased as you and Lisa are two of my best friends, which makes me very glad and proud. Love you, Lisa and George.