Friday, November 30, 2007

stag night and our first date

Last night, Lisa and I went out on a date for the first time since George was born. We took George to Sam’s, got dressed up and left him while we went to Springer’s wine bar. It was only about 50 yards from sam’s house, but it was a meal out alone together. We had a great time not having to listen out for crying!

We were the only people in the restaurant which was great for us (although not so great for the restaurant!). it made for a nice romantic evening with little talk of babies and plenty of time for us.

I think Lisa’s feeling a bit like a baby feeding machine at the moment, but I’ve bought her a little gift that I hope will make her feel a little more feminine… Hope she likes it.

My stag night

I promised some photos from my stag do – I know, it’s a bit late (sorry James) given that the event was over a year ago now (august 06), but we’ve only just got round to printing out some pictures, so here they are.

It was a great day out involving clay pigeon shooting, hovercraft racing, and a bizarre rally car with two engines and no steering wheel! The idea was that there are two drivers and each controls one engine with a simple forward or back lever. You have to co-operate to drive it, and our group wasn’t the most co-ordinated bunch.

The event was run by a company in Guildford – can’t remember their name right now, but with 10 people, it worked out at £100 each – well worth while! Afterwards we went for a curry and a small drink.

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Russ Greenwood said...

Best line of the stag do was the shooting instructor telling Pietro to "treat your gun like you'd treat your woman" mae west would have been proud of that one.
It was a great day and my favourite was driving the hovercraft. Great fun and I didn't hit anything.