Saturday, December 8, 2007


George’s weight today 2.82 kg
George has gained a little weight this morning. Apparently his potassium levels are quite high (whatever that means) so they’re not upping the dose of his medicine today. Basically he’s on some medicine which needs to be increased gradually until he’s on a full dose and only then can they think about letting him go home.

However that’s looking less likely now. We’re having a meeting on Wednesday to decide if he’s having surgery and when – but it looks more and more certain that he will have.

When asked when that might be, Lisa was told that the surgeons go off for Christmas on 17th so it would be before then. That means they won’t come home before the surgery and they won’t come home for about 10 days afterwards. They can’t operate until he’s 3kgs at least.

So realistically, we’re looking at the new year before they come back, and a Christmas in hospital. I’m really hoping Lisa will think about whether she needs to be there all the time – or whether she can swap with me for a few nights – I think she’ll need to come home for a rest. Hospital’s not a good place to be – especially when you’re not ill.

At least George isn’t in any danger – but I did see a leaflet in the parents’ room yesterday from a support society for “heart babies”. It was a picture of a baby who’d had surgery – with a big scar across his chest and descriptions of the problems parents with “heart babies” face. I know it’s the best thing for him and that the leaflet is there to help, but it wasn’t reassuring. I haven’t shown it to Lisa.

here's the society link though -

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