Friday, December 21, 2007

George was a happy little chap this morning and for most of the day. Obviously saving the crying for me in the evening. Lisa and Sam did all the Christmas food shopping this afternoon - they seem to have been unable to make up their minds what to buy and just bought EVERYTHING. Still, I expect we'll eat it all.

Lisa's first evening out without me or George tonight and I'm staying in. George didn't react well, and cried pretty much from the moment Lisa left until he went to sleep.

Lisa's with her Mum and Dad and Sam at the Old Vic's pantomime.

Me, I'm watching Die another day - probably the most ludicrous of the bond movies - on the new TV... or one of the two accidentally delivered TVs.

Tomorrow, we'll be mulling wine and mincing pies... I don't think there's too much to do to prepare for the party, but I'm sure there will end up being.

I think we both feel completely unprepared for this Christmas. We'd already scaled it down knowing we were going to have George -so although we've got families coming, we booked to go out to a resturant on Chrismas Day. We thought for a while that we were going to be spending it in hospital, and we've spent the last few weeks concentrating on George, so we've really only spent a couple of days even thinking about Christmas plans. Now it's upon us, it's taken us a little by surprise.

I'm sure it will all work out.

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