Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Nelly the elephant and cpr

George still appears to be very well – he’s sleeping regularly (although wakes up for a change and a feed at 3:30am every morning. He’s alert and responsive.

He’s also crying and sleeping in what I assume to be the right proportions. Mum (who’s staying for a couple of days) seems to think so. It’s good to have her here even if I’m upstairs at work most of the time.

Lisa went to a baby first aid course on Friday. She was apparently taught infant CPR. You’re supposed to press their chest to the rhythm of “nelly the elephant”.

Hmm… can’t help thinking that if your baby isn’t breathing you’re really not going to be singing “nelly the elephant” to it while you wait for the ambulance to arrive…

Anyway, we’re waiting for the doctor to tell us whether we’re going into hospital. Nobody’s called and I’m booked to go to Glasgow tomorrow for the day (filming – look at http://documentaryfilmmaking.blogspot.com if you want to know why).

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