Friday, December 28, 2007

3.54kg - georges weight today

3.54 kG george's weight today
A stand-in health visitor replaced our usual one. This new one was drippy (as I think they have to be by law) but nice enough.

The day was a great wind-down after the Christmas rush, and bridged the gap nicely to the new year rush which starts tomorrow.

The only thing we really decided to do was go for a long walk - we got as far as the pub at the top of Lordship Lane, and (after a nice lunch) turned back because it looked like it was going to rain...

George has had his best day ever - smiling, giggling and sleeping all day. Hardly a cross word. He's turning into such a sweet little chap and he now has a whole range of expressions and moods.

He can do happy and smilling, giggling, happy but not smiling, and even thoughtful.

Of course it's possible, his character will change completely after his operation when he suddenly has more energy and less heavy food. we'll see!

The one thing he can't yet do is unhappy but not crying. Unhappy but not crying requires a whole other level of intelligence and conciousness, I think. It requires temperance, patience and the ablity to plan and abstract the future.

In fact without the ability to be unhappy without crying- to delay your pleasure and surpress your pain, there would probably be no love, money or civilisation... we'd just be concerned with instant gratification and we'd think nothing of the future.

And that's an interesting thought - maybe the current trends in therapy - getting people to 'free their emotions' and cry more - is not the cure for a sick society after all. Perhaps it's the reverse - a symptom of the destruction of society into self centred anarchy.

I'm sure that can't be true.

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