Sunday, December 9, 2007

2.8kg georges weight today

2.8kg georges weight today
ok – he’s lost 2grams – no big deal. We managed to talk to the Doctor who told us there was little chance the hole would close of its own accord now. Surgery is all but certain and will take place the week after next – date to be decided on Wednesday. Lisa and George will be in for about 2 weeks after that, so Christmas in the hospital is almost certain.

We’re going to continue with our plans for Christmas anyway – and Lisa’s going to try to be there for as much of it as possible.

Going to Hospital

On the way to the station in the rain there was a sleeping bag lying in the street - soaking wet. Obviously a rough sleeper had left it there - but why? If I had to sleep on the street, keeping that dry would be my first priority. Maybe it's occupant lost it. Maybe it was placed somewhere dry but blew away. Maybe its owner thought they were coming back for it - maybe they thought that they weren't.

Either way somebody's plans changed last night so that a dry sleeping bag became less important than something else. I thought of moving it out of the rain, but I didn't. I walked past.

It occurred to me later that I thought I'd seen a sleeping bag in a doorway as I came in last night. I don't think it was the same one but perhaps the owner of the doorway simply threw the bag out into the rain without a thought.

Croydon council says it has an average of 6 rough sleepers on any given night. Why so few? Well, it’s apparently because the more they say there are, the more they have to do about it – consequently the figures get massaged downwards to hide the problem

The woman sitting opposite me on the train as I began to write this has a coffee cup. Every few seconds she is compelled to drum here fingers against it, look closely at it and grin widely. She seems to have no other problems apart from this compulsion and on balance I think that smiling too much is probably less of a disorder than that exhibited by the glum faces of the rest of the passengers from Croydon to London bridge.

Turned on the ipod on the way out of Waterloo station again. Don't need ELO this morning. Daniel Powter Bad day:

“Where is the moment we needed the” most (right here)

You kick up the leaves and the magic is lost (not that I’ve noticed)

You tell me your blue skies fade to grey (Well Ok- it’s still raining)

You tell me your passion's gone away (Nope)

The song finishes and I scroll down the alphabetical list. Bob dylan comes up, but it'll be a while before I'm ready for that. I go for Robbie williams - Advertising space:

“There’s no Earthly way of knowing what was in your heart when it stopped going.”

I quickly scroll on.

Lisa thinks one of the babies in the next ward died this morning. The crash team apparently ran in at 9am and there were a lot of red eyed nurses running around.

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