Thursday, December 27, 2007

strange breakfasts and doctor who

Strange Breakfasts
A breakfast of leftovers – we had kippers, cheese, cold meat, bread. Mum and Dad had cereal and Christmas pudding.

Later, everyone left. The house was suddenly empty after the madness of Christmas. Lisa and did a little tidying and then just enjoyed the silence. It’s great to have everyone over – it’s also great to get the house back to ourselves.

I even tried out the book on baking Lisa got me – and managed to make light, fluffy baguettes. My bread has always been a bit solid in the past, but I think the combination of precicely weighing ingredients, allowing the dough to rest twice and folding rather than needing the dough works wonders.

I Finally got to see the Doctor Who Chrismas episode. I was expecting the usual Christmas rubbish – lots of stupid crashing about combined with no plot and some trite Christmassy add-ins.

That’s exactly what it was, but this time it worked superbly – a rip-off of the Posiden Adventure – great fun and with lots of well used guest stars.

Kylie Minogue disappointingly died and even more disappointingly remained clothed throughout (albeit in a French-maid’s outfit).

George slept through it from beginning to end of course. Then we went over to Sams where Last Christmas' episode happened to be on. It's far inferior, but George was glued to it. His critical faculties are obviously as yet undeveloped.

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